Tennessee Miniature Horse
- Sunday, September 19th -

Volunteers Fun Show
Sunday, September 19th • Show Begins Promptly At 2:00 P.M.
Registration: 11:00 A.M. - 1:00 P.M.  • Location: Cattle Barn Arena

1. Jr. Stallion/Gelding 2 and Under
2. Sr. Stallion/Gelding 3 and Over
3. Grand Champion and Reserve
4. Jr. Mare 2 and Under
5. Sr. Mare 3 and Over
6. Grand Champion and Reserve
7. Lead Line
8. Solid Color Mare
9. Multi-Color Mare
10. Solid Color Stallion/Gelding
11. Multi-Color Stallion/Gelding
12. Youth Halter Mare
13. Youth Halter Gelding/Stallion Under 2
14. Open Halter Obstacle
15. Youth Halter
16. Jumping
17. Youth High Point
18. Group Costume
All out of state animals must have health certificate.
Entry fee is $5.00 for all classes

For More Information Contact: Jennifer Gunn 931-433-0695

Miniature Horse Presentation
Sunday, September 19th before Quarter Horse Races, Miniature Horse Giveaway Saturday, September 25th at the Grandstands

Tennessee Miniature Horse Volunteers
Exhibit Location, Swine Barn; September 20th-25th

Miniature Horse Sulky Races
Sunday, September 19th during Quarter Horse Races