Creative Living

Department 20
Ruthie Jeans, Superintendent

Department Workers: Tony Brown, Greta Carlisle, Barbara Church, Amy Clark, Debbie McCaskill, Jessica Mercier, Joyce Plunkett, Teresa Sanders, Dana Williams and Jean Woodall

Pre-registration is available. Enter online at

Forms may be picked up at the Lincoln County Extension Office or accessed online at

Entry Days:
Articles must be entered between 3:00 PM and 7:00 PM on Tuesday and Wednesday before the Fair opens except Cooking, Flowers and Pick TN Products Cookoff.
Pick TN Products Cookoff entries accepted 8:00-10:00 AM first Saturday of the Fair.
Cooking entries accepted 7:30-11:00 AM Monday during the Fair.
Flower entries accepted 8:00-11:00 AM Tuesday during the Fair.

Building Hours: Building will be open 1st Saturday of the fair 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM and Sunday through Thursday 11:00 AM until 9:00 PM Friday 11:00 AM until 10:00 PM and the last Saturday 10:00 AM until 10:00 PM

Rules Governing the Creative Living Building
1. All entries must have been finished since the last fair (except Antiques).

2. Only one entry in each class will be accepted. All Exhibitors must be 18 years old or older. Excluding Section 13.

3. All articles come under the charge and control of the superintendents and cannot be removed until Sunday, end of fair, between the hours of 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM.

4. All proper care will be used to prevent damage, breakage, or misplacement of articles but the Fair will not become responsible for the same under any circumstances whatsoever.

5. All rules must be observed by exhibitors and NO deviation from them will be allowed.

6. No marks or names indicating ownership will be allowed on the exhibits before the prizes are awarded. Any such marks or names indicating ownership must be covered. After prizes are awarded, owners desiring to sell articles will be allowed to put name and price on them.

7. Competitive system of judging will be used in all cases.

8. All articles competing for premiums must be strictly "homemade" and made by exhibitor.

9. Where there is no competition, placing will be made by judge.

10. During the duration of the fair and check out, positively no one except the workers will be allowed behind the gates.

11. No one can pick up items for anyone else without the item’s entry ticket stub or without approval of the Superintendent.

12. All entries from other counties must be made in person. No parcel post or express packages will be received.


Must be sewn with needle. Prize money as follows unless otherwise noted:

Best of Show $10, 1st-$6, 2nd-$4, and 3rd-$2.

(Section 1) - Needlework

1. Best of Show in Needlework
2. Wall hanging, counted cross stitch,
(up to 9" x 12")  (*Also Eligible for State*)

3. Wall hanging, counted cross stitch
(over 9" x 12")  (*Also Eligible for State*)

4. Wall hanging, crewel
5. Wall hanging, mixed media or any other needlework

6. Brazilian Embroidery item
7. Candlewicking item
8. Counted cross stitch item (other than wall hanging)  (*Also Eligible for State*)
9. Embroidery item by hand (not Brazilian or ribbon) 

10. Needlepoint item
11 Tatted Article
12. Crocheted article, other than garmet
13. Amigurumi, stuffed animal or doll
14. Knitted Article, other than garmet
15. Afghan, baby or crib
16. Afghan
17. Antique Needlework, 45 years and older
18. Any Needlework, Exhibitor with disability
19. Needlework, any other kind

(Section 2) - Quilting

1. Best of Show - Classes 2-13
2. Quilt, hand-pieced, hand-quilted
(*Also Eligible for State*)
3. Quilt, hand-pieced, machine-quilted
(*Also Eligible for State*)
4. Quilt, machine-pieced, hand-quilted
(*Also Eligible for State*)
5. Quilt, machine-pieced, machine-quilted
(*Also Eligible for State*)
6. Quilt, hand-quilted by group of 2 or more
7. Quilt, machine-quilted by group of 2 or more
8. Quilt, hand-quilted, embroidered (includes cross stitch)
9. Quilt, machine-quilted, embroidered
    (includes cross stitch)
10. Quilt, hand-quilted, appliquéd

11. Quilt, machine-quilted, appliquéd
12. Quilt, hand-quilted, whole cloth
13. Quilt, machine-quilted, whole cloth
14. Baby quilt, hand-quilted
15. Baby quilt, machine-quilted
16. Wall hanging, hand-quilted
17. Wall hanging, machine-quilted
18. Lap Quilt, hand-pieced, hand-quilted
19. Lap Quilt, hand-pieced, machine-quilted
20. Lap Quilt, machine-pieced, hand-quilted
21. Lap Quilt, machine-pieced, machine-quilted
22. Coverlet (light weight decorative bedspread)

23. Best of Show - Classes 14-22

(Section 2a)
Quilt, Antique and Woven Coverlets

Must be 45 years old, short typed history must be included. Awards as follows:

1. Best of Shoe - Determined by Judges
2. Quilt
3. Coverlet
4. Quilt Top (Made years ago but not yet made into a quilt)

(Section 3)
Wearing Apparel

1. Best of Show Wearing Apparel
2. T-shirt, Decorated by Sewing
3. Blouse or Shirt
4. Pants
5. Skirt
6. Dress, Lady's  (*Also Eligible for State*)
7. Adult's Suit (not tailored)
8. Dress made for ages 2-12  (*Also Eligible for State*)
9. Wearing Apparel, English Smocked
10. Children's Apparel  - Picture Smocked
11. Heirloom Style Sewing, any garmet
12. Apron
13. Doll clothes, displayed on a doll
14. Crocheted apparel
15. Sweatshirt, Decorated by Sewing
16. Decorated Garment, Decorated by Sewing
       (not T-shirt or Sweatshirt)
17. Baby's Apparel
18. Cross Stitch Sweatshirt

19. Holiday Clothing
20. Boys' Apparel
21. Bonnet or Hat
22. Vest or Jacket
23. Jumper
24. Recycled Garment
      (Reuse Old Garments)
25. Clothing Accessory
      (other than collar)
26. Any Decorated Garment
      (Exhibitor with disability)
27. Knitted Garment
28. Any Other Apparel


Wall hangings must be wired for hanging. No saw tooth hangers accepted. No sewn crafts in the Handicrafts Division. They should be entered in the Needlecraft Section.

(Section 4) - Needlecrafts

1. Best of Show in Needlecraft
2. Pillow Cases (2)
3. Pot Holders (3)
4. Placemats (4)
5. Table Runner
6. Household Accessory(*Also Eligible for State*)
7. Pin Cushion, Sewn
8. Soft Box or Basket
9. Purse
10. Appliqued Item
11. Cut Work Item
12. Embroidery Item
13. Hooked Item
14. Pillow - Holiday
15. Pillow - Any Other
16. Pieced Item
17. Quilted Item
18. Ribbon Embroidery Item

19. Trapunto Item
20. Holiday Decoration, wall hanging
21. Holiday Decoration, tree skirt
22. Holiday Stocking
23. Needlecraft Tree Ornament
24. Tote Bag
25. Lined Basket
26. Stuffed Animal (up to 6")
27. Stuffed Animal (7" and over)
28. Soft Sculptured Doll
29. Stuffed Doll (up to 6")
30. Stuffed Doll (7" and over)
31. Handmade Ceramic Doll, dressed
32. Creative Stitchery (original design by exhibitor)
33. Needlecraft by Exhibitor with disability
34. Rug, any kind
35. Rug, hooked
36. Holiday Item, any other
37. Sewn leather item

(Section 5) - Handicrafts
No sewn crafts in the Handicrafts Section

1. Best of Show in Handicraft
2. Christmas ornament
3. Christmas decoration
4. Christmas door decoration
5. Door decoration
    (other than Christmas)
6. Ceramic article, 12" or under
7. Basket, plain (10" or under) (*Also Eligible for State*)
8. Basket, plain (over 10") (*Also Eligible for State*)
9. Decorated basket, any size
    (basket may be purchased)
10. Woodworking: carving, doll furniture, or toy
       (*Also Eligible for State*)
11. Woodworking: furniture
       (*Also Eligible for State*)
12. Woodworking: turned wood item
13. Model, mounted on wood (vehicle)
14. Model, mounted on wood
      (other than cars)
15. Tole or decorative painted article
16. Household accessory
17. Craft any kind (no kit)
18. Holiday table decoration
19. Calligraphy

20. Craft, Pinterest idea
      (must have details from Pinterest page)
21. Vinyl Transfer Craft
22. Trinket Box
23. Novel or unusual craft
24. Jewelry, any kind
25. Craft made from Jewelry
26. Sculpture
27. Stained Glass, under 12" (*Also Eligible for State*)
28. Stained Glass, over 12" (*Also Eligible for State*)
29. Silk or Other Artificial Floral Arrangement
30. Decorated Wreath
31. Nature Craft
      (made of native materials)
32. Decorated Glass Craft
33. Recycled Craft
      (made of recycled materials)
34. Table Decoration
      (other than holiday)
35. Decorative Magnet
36. Birdhouse or Feeder
37. Hand-painted pottery or china
38. Scrapbooks
39. Diamond Art


Jars must be plainly labeled on top of container. No names on bottom or top of jars. Article must be prepared and processed by exhibitor. Any container may be opened. No preservatives or chemicals may be used. No hot or warm jars will be accepted. Half pint jars can be used for jelly, jams, and preserves. Pints or quarts may be used in other categories. Standard canning jars required with rings. No colored or odd shaped jars. Jars must be clean. No names on jars.

(Section 6) - Fruits

1. Best jar of Fruit
2. Apples, halves
3. Pears
4. Blackberries
5. Peaches

6. Plums
7. Applesauce
8. Pie Filling
9. Any Other Fruit

(Section 7) - Vegetables

1. Best jar of Vegetables
2. Green Beans, cut or broken
3. Lima Beans
4. Corn
5. Kraut

6. Squash
7. Soup Mixture

8. Tomatoes
9. Tomato Juice
10. Field Peas
11. Any other vegetable

(Section 8) - Pickles & Relishes

1. Best of Show jar of Pickles or Relish
2. Cucumber Pickles, sweet
3. Cucumber Pickles, dill
4. Bread & Butter Pickles
5. Pickled Okra
6. Beet Pickles
7. Squash Pickles
8. Pickles, fancy pack
9. Chili Sauce

10. Chowchow (piccalilli)
11. Pepper Relish
12. Salsa

13. Corn Relish
14. Cucumber Relish
15. Hot Pepper Sauce w/vinegar
16. Tomato Catsup
17. Any Other Pickle
18. Any Other Relish

(Section 9) - James & Preserves

1. Best jar of Jam or Preserves
2. Apple Butter
3. Blackberry Jam
4. Pear Preserves
5. Strawberry Preserves

6. Peach Preserves
7. Plum Preserves

8. Grape Preserves
9. Pear Honey Preserves
10. Other Berry Jams
11. Any Other Jam or Preserves

(Section 10) - Jellies

1. Best jar of Jelly
2. Blackberry Jelly
3. Plum Jelly
4. Grape Jelly

5. Apple Jelly
6. Pepper Jelly
7. Wild Fruit Jelly
8. Any Other Jelly

(Section 11) - Dehydrated

1. Best in Dehydrated
2. Herbs
3. Jerky

4. Fruit
5. Vegetables
6. Any Other


MUST BE wired for hanging. No saw tooth hangers accepted. NO EXCEPTIONS. All art work must have been finished since last fair.

Prizes are as follows: Best of Show $10, 1st $10, 2nd $6, and 3rd $4

(Section 12) - Art

1. Best of Show Art
2. Landscape in oil
3. Landscape in watercolor
4. Landscape in acrylic
5. Flowers, any medium
    (other than oil)
6. Flowers, in oil
7. Still life, any medium
8. Portrait, any medium
9. Portrait in oil
10. Best use of black & white
11. Abstract, any medium
12. Life, any medium
13. Pastels, colored pencil
      (any subject)
14. Seascape, any medium

15. Animal, any medium
16. Art, any subject, any medium
      Exhibitor with disability
17. Copy, any medium
18. Three dimensional art (pottery or sculpture)
19. Three dimensional art (paper, recycled)
20. Beginners painting
21. Miniature (5" x 7" or smaller)
22. Graphite Pencil
23. Miscellaneous (no tole) any medium
24. Airbrush, any medium
25. Oil, any other subject (*Also Eligible for State*)
26. Watercolor, any other subject
27. Acrylic, any other subject (*Also Eligible for State*)
28. Digital drawings, pencil or charcoal
       (*Also Eligible for State*)

(Section 13) - Contests
Pumpking Decorating - NO Carving

1. Ages 4-6 years
2. Ages 7-9 years

3. Ages 10-12 years
4. Ages 13-15 years
5. Ages 16 and up

Pick TN Products Cook-Off Open to FCE Members only
Entries accepted between 8:00 A.M. and 10:00 A.M first Saturday of the Fair. 

6. Appetizers
7. Salads
8. Casseroles
9. Main Dishes
10. Healthy Choice
11. Recycled Yard/Garden Art Contest -- Enter Tues. & Wed. before Fair 3 -7 pm.
(Section 14) - Photography
All photos must be single matted with any color mats. All photos must be between 5" x 7" to 8" x 12" and mounted as follows: 5”x7” photos on 8”x10” board and 8”x10” to 8”x12” photos on 11”x14” mat board) Competition is open to 18 years and above, and amateurs unless otherwise specified.
1. Best of Show Photo
2. Portraits/formal or casual
    (Amateurs only)
3. Animals (*Also Eligible for State*)
4. Landscape/Scenic, no buildings
5. Landscape-Structures
6. Sports/action
7. Still life (manually arranged items)
8. Snapshots
9. Plants
10. Selfie
11. People at Work
12. County Life
  (photos must be made in
     Lincoln County, location written on back of mat)
13. Historical Photos
   (Non judged category)
14. Photograph taken by
       Exhibitor with disability
15. Computer-generated
16. Person or people (*Also Eligible for State*)
17. Photograph depicting current year
       Fair Theme
18. Person or people (black and white)
        (*Also Eligible for State*)
19. Animals (black and white)
        (*Also Eligible for State*)
20. Landscape (black and white) (*Also Eligible for State*)
21. Sports/Action
      (black and white)
22. Professional
23. Professional
       Photographer Landscape


Cooking entries may be made between the hours of 7:30 A.M. and 11:00 A.M. on Monday of Fair week.

All entries must be covered with plastic wrap or in plastic bags. All entries, except portion for display, may be removed Monday afternoon after the judging up until the hall is closed on Monday night. Food not picked up by 9:00 P.M. Monday night will become the property of the Fair.

(Section 15) - Pastries

1. Best of Show Cake
2. Pound Cake
3. Chocolate Cake, iced
4. Angel Food Cake
5. White Layer Cake, iced
6. Yellow Layer Cake, iced
7. Carrot Cake, iced
8. Any Other Cake
9. Coconut Meringue Pie
10. Apple Pie

11. Chess Pie, no meringue
12. Pecan Pie
13. Chocolate Fudge Pie
14. Chocolate Meringue Pie
15. Any Other Pie
16. Oatmeal Cookies,  ½ dozen

17. Chocolate Oatmeal, ½ dozen
18. Tea Cakes, ½ dozen
19. Chocolate Chip, ½ dozen
20. Peanut Butter, ½ dozen

21. Fancy or Iced Cookies, ½ dozen
22. Cupcakes, iced, ½ dozen
23. Brownies, ½ dozen
24. Any Other Cookie, ½ dozen
25. Peanut Brittle, 6 pieces
26. Chocolate Fudge, 6 pieces
27. Divinity, 6 pieces
28. Any Other Candy, 6 pieces
29. Fried Fruit Pie, 4
30. Fried Cream Pie, 4
31. Any Other Pastry, not pie or cake
32. Best of Show Pie
33. Best of Show Pastries

(Section 16) - Breads 

1. Best of Show Breads
2. Biscuits, ½ dozen
3. Cornbread, 4 pieces - any form
4. Banana bread, whole loaf
5. Nut bread, whole loaf
6. Squash bread, whole loaf
7. Any Other Fruit Bread, whole loaf

8. Coffee cake, any kind
9. Bran muffins, 4

10. Yeast rolls, 4
11. Yeast loaf bread, whole loaf
12. Apple bread, whole loaf
13. Any Other Dessert Bread
14. Any Other Bread
    (not dessert bread)


Flower entries may be made between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 11:00 A.M. on Tuesday of Fair week.

Flowers and other plant materials exhibited in Section 17 and Section 18 should be grown by the exhibitor. No entries by commercial growers.

(Section 17) - Specimens

Entries (one stem or blossom) should be in a clear glass vase, except for crested celosia. Roses should be at least half open, but not fully opened.
1. Best of Show Specimen
    Determined by judge
2. Coleus
3. Hybrid Tea Rose
4. Rose, cluster type
5. Any Other Rose
6. Chrysanthemums
7. SunFlowers
8. Gerbera Daisy
9. Dahlia, disbudded with foliage
10. Dahlia, cactus
11. Zinnias, large bloom
12. Zinnias, small bloom
13. Celosia, plumed
14. Celosia, crested
15. Petunia, double
16. Petunia, single
17. Cosmos, three blooms same color, single stem
18. Marigold, yellow, large
19. Marigold, orange, large

20. Marigold, small
      (one spray - multiple blooms
        on one stem)
21. Gaillardia
22. Collection of blooms
       (in a single container)
23. Herb, any kind,
       single specimen (labeled)
24. Herb collection
      Any three varieties
25. Elephant Ear

(Section 18) - Potted Plants

1. Best  Potted Plant
2. African Violet,
   any color (double - single crown)
3. African Violet,
    any color (single - single crown)
4. Succulents and Cacti
5. Begonia, blooming
6. Begonia, foliage (no blooms)
7. Foliage plant

8. Blooming Plant
9. Fern, Boston
10. Fern, other than Boston

11. Hanging basket, blooming
12. Hanging basket, non-blooming
13. Impatiens, sultana
14. Geranium any kind
15. Collection of potted plants
        in a single container
16. Any other potted plant
(Section 19) - Arrangements

No artificial or silk flowers or silk foliage may be used. All arrangements to be done by exhibitor. Judges consider Design, Color Harmony, Distinction, and Expression. The depth of the shelf is 11 3⁄4”. Materials used in designs can be home grown, purchased, and/or received from others.

Prize Money; BOS $10, 1st $10, 2nd $6, 3rd $4
1. Best of Show Arrangement
2. All Foliage
3. Dried Plant Material
4. Marigolds Mostly
5. Large (design over 15")
6. Fruit and/or Vegetable and/or Flowers
7. Small (design under 15")
8. Fair Theme!
9. Homegrown Plant Material Only