Dairy Cattle Show
(Open & Youth)

- Friday, September 22nd -

Dairy Cattle Showmanship
Classes and Rules

Department 80
Patty Patrick, Show Superintendent

Lincoln County Fair Dairy Cattle Show
Friday, September 22nd • 5:00 P.M.
Barn Superintendent, Chuck Patrick (931)-433-7420
Section 1: Ayrshire
Section 2: Brown Swiss
Section 3: Guernsey
Section 4: Holstein
Section 5: Jersey
Section 6: Milking Shorthorn

Premiums: 1st - $30; 2nd - $22; 3rd - $15; 4th - $13; 5th - $11; (All other youth entries $10)
Premiums, Best Udder Classes: 1st - $3, 2nd - $2

(Youth Only): Pee Wee (4th and Under with Assistance), Beginner (4th and Under with Assistance), Junior (5th-6th grades), Junior High (7th-8th grades), Senior (9th-12th grades) Plaques only

Dairy Cattle Show Classes

1. Spring Heifer Calf (Junior Heifer Calf) - born March 1 or later this year
2. Winter Heifer Calf (Intermediate Heifer Calves) -born December 1 last year to February 28 this year
3. Fall Heifer Calf (Senior Heifer Calf) - born September 1 last year to November 30 last year
4. Summer Yearling Heifer (Summer Heifer Calf) -born June 1 last year to August 31 last year
5. Spring Yearling Heifer (Junior Yearling Heifer) - born March 1 last year to May 31
6. Winter Yearling Heifer (Intermediate Yearling Heifer) – born Dec. 1 two years ago to Feb. 28 last year
7. Fall Yearling Heifer (Senior Yearling Heifer) - born September 1 two years ago to November 30
8. Junior Champion (Classes 1-7) $30; Reserve Junior Champion (Classes 1-7) $22; (Plaques for Youth Champions);
9. Best 3 Junior Females from classes 1-7 (same exhibitor and one entry per exhibitor)
10. Fall Yearling Heifer (Senior Yearling) in Milk - born after September 1 two years ago and milking
11. Fall Yearling Heifer - Best Udder
12. Junior Two-Year-Old Cow - born March 1 two years ago to August 31 two years ago
13. Junior Two-Year-Old Cow - Best Udder
14. Senior Two-Year-Old Cow – born Sept. 1 three years ago to Feb. 28 two years ago
15. Senior Two-Year-Old Cow – Best Udder
16. Three-Year-Old Cow - born September 1 four years ago to August 31 three years ago
17. Three-Year-Old Cow - Best Udder
18. Four-Year-Old Cow - born September 1 five years ago to August 31 four years ago
19. Four-Year-Old Cow - Best Udder
20. Aged Cows (5+ years) - born before September 1 five years ago
21. Aged Cows (5+ years) - Best Udder
22. Senior Champion (Classes 10-20) $30; Reserve (Classes 10-20) $22; (Plaques for Youth Champions)
23. Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion
24. Dam & Daughter
25. Produce of Dam.
26. Dairy Herd, consisting of 3 cows in milk, and all from the same farm
27. Youth Only - Best Female, Bred by Exhibitor.

Dairy Cattle Show Rules

1. Open to all owners and breeders of Ayrshire, Guernsey, Holstein, Brown Swiss, and Jersey.

2. Youth members may show in the Junior Youth show who have completed 12th grade and under as of January 1, of the current calendar year in order to be eligible to exhibit their dairy animals in the Youth Dairy Show. Exhibitors must be able to show their animal by themselves. To receive Youth monies, animal must be shown by member whose name the animal is registered.

3. All dairy cattle should be pre-registered by entry form deadline. Registration fee will be doubled when late. Youth members exhibiting in open show must pay entry fee on each animal shown. All entries must be recorded in show book by 3:00 p.m. day of show. No entries will be taken after books close

4. Animals must be owned by exhibitors and evidence of registration presented. Youth animals must be registered 30 days or more prior to show.

5. Bred By Exhibitor - To be eligible for awards, the exhibitor must be listed as both the sole breeder and owner of the animal on the registration paper. The champion and reserve champion bred by exhibitor will be selected from the highest placing bred by exhibitor animals in the classes and will receive a plaque. (Youth only).

6. All entries must be on the grounds by 2:00 p.m. the day they are to be shown. Animals shown will be released at 9:00 p.m. Animals must be out of barn by 8:00 a.m. the morning after their show.

7. Feed and equipment must be furnished by exhibitor.

8. Absolutely no straw allowed.

9. All animals must be exhibited by competent handler. Youth exhibits must be exhibited by the registered owner. No ring assistance unless approved by judge or superintendent.

10. Herdsman Award: This will be awarded to the individual keeping the cleanest and neatest exhibit, observance of all rules and regulations, and cooperation with Fair Officials and Exhibitors.

11. No exhibitors will be allowed to have more than two monies in any one class, but may have as many entries in a class as desired.

12. Any concerns in regard to the show rules need to be addressed to the barn superintendent prior to the show.

13. Competition is open to all Youth members who qualify under Rule 2.

14. All livestock must enter grounds through Amana Street gate (back gate) to load and unload at designated area. Free admission for Exhibitor only.

Pre-registration available online at www.LincolnCountyFairTN.com