Demolition Derby
Payouts & Rules

- Saturday, September 24th -

Lincoln County Fair Tennessee Demolition Derby
Saturday Night, September 24th, 2022

1st - $5000
2nd - $2500
3rd - $1000
4th - $500
Pays $500 a car to win the heats
Mad dog $500

These are the same rules as the May show with minor changes that most drivers requested so read the rules.

• Any year model cars will be allowed. No Imperials, Imperial sub frames or hearses.
• 80s and newer Ford, Lincoln and Mercury’s will be allowed to tilt at the flap only. This means cut flap on side of frame, pull down and weld. DO NOT cut crush box completely loose and re weld entire box, this will get you loaded. No hump plates allowed.
• Metric GMs are allowed a 22”x6”x1/4” strait or contoured hump plate. No tilting or cold bending
• 03up Fords, Lincoln, and Mercury must utilize factory aluminum cradle and oem rack and pinion steering. May be tilted at one location only, no added metal.
• 98up Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury may use Watts conversion brackets.
• Old Iron are not allowed to tilt or cold bend. No humplates

• No creasing of frame. Rear quarters only maybe creased. Trunk must have 10” hole for inspection purposes. Hood must be open during inspection and have 10” hole over engine for fire safety.
• Firewall can be cut for clearance. You can remove but can’t add.
• Drivers door can be welded solid and/or have 1/8” door skin for safety. All other doors can be chained, wired or welded. If chain or wire is being used, your allowed 3 points per door seam. Chain or wire can’t go around frame. If welded, your allowed 12” on vertical seams of doors.
• Hood can be secured with 6 points total, this includes your core support threaded rod.
• Trunk can be secured with 4 points total of ½”diameter, this includes your 2 threaded rods that can go through frame.
• 2x2 angle 2” long with single 1/2” bolt may be used for attachment points on trunk and hood.
• No Spray foam allowed

• Bumpers may be homemade but point must be equivalent to Chrysler Pointy or less.
• Bumpers can be welded strait to frame. Bumper shock must be oem to make and model. No welding more than 6” from back of bumper.
• Factory bumper bracket can be used but no welding on frame more than 6” from back of bumper.
• Max shortening of frame is 1” in front of core support mount.
• No other welding on frame other than what is listed in rules. Any illegal alterations to frame will result in disqualification.
• No frame shaping.
• Factory crossmembers or 2x2 tubing. 3x3 angle 6” long may be used to mount crossmember.
• No painted frames. If frame is painted, you will not be allowed to run.
• Pre-run cars will be allowed up to (2) 4x4x1/4” patch plates on VISIBLE BENDS only. If you have a patch plate on un-bent frame, you will completely remove plate.  This will not be an argument; judge’s decision is final.  We must be able to see where frame is bent.

• Lower cradle only on engine, front plate on cradle is ok. No mid plates.  Steel bell is ok but nothing can connect bell to trans other than pump bolts.  If we suspect there is something on top you will cut tunnel open.
• Header and carb protectors allowed but must not brace car in any way. Carb protector must not go past center line of carb.
• Pulley protector OR sway bar, not both.
• Header, carb, and pulley protector rules are simply in place to protect your investment/engine. Do not abuse these rules.
• Slider shafts are allowed.
• Motor swaps allowed. Ex. Chevy motor in Ford or Chrysler.
• Any rear end, no excessive bracing.

• Core support can have up to 2 threaded rods 1” max diameter and can extend through hood. This will count as 2 of the 6 hood attachment points.
• Trunk can have up to 2 threaded rods ½” max diameter from trunk lid to frame, must have rubber body mount intact. This will count as 2 of your 4 total trunk mounts.
• All other body mount to remain stock, do not touch them. No added body mounts.
• If body bolt is broken, only repair option is on single wrap of #9 wire.
• One spot per rail in rear may have added chain or wire to help keep body on frame. 2 points total.

• Front suspension may be welded solid using (2)2x2 x1/4” plates per upper a-arm.
• No solid rear suspension, must have movement.
• Coil spring cars can use #9 wire or chain from rear humps to rear axle, no welding on frame. Stock oem trailing arms only, no square tubing.
• Factory leaf spring cars must use factory oem leaf packs and get up to 4 single strands, per leaf, of #9 wire as clamps.
• No leaf spring conversion.
• No aftermarket ball joints. Tie rods can be braced or sleeved in center but must have factory ends.
• No bead lock or solid wheels
• A-arm swaps are ok.

• Aftermarket shifter, gas pedal, brake pedal, steering column, and transmission cooler allowed but must not strengthen car in anyway.
• 4-point cage allowed, 6” max tubing. Cage must be 6” from floor, transmission tunnel, and firewall. Side bars can’t extend past front door seams and max length 60”
• Rollover bar allowed with max three attachment points to roof.
• Gas tank mount must be 4” from rear sheet metal.
• Gas tank and battery must be relocated to driver compartment.

** Don’t look for gray areas and don’t get creative, call with questions to save on arguing during inspection.  For any questions call or text Chad Cowley 931-703-6623.