- Last Saturday of Fair -

Department 55
Darrell Hale Building 

Show beings immediately following Clover Collection


Grades are as of January 1, current year for all 4-H members. Participants may enter two lots in the Fun with Fashions Show. Data form and script should be completed prior to registration.

is based on coordination and selection of ensemble as appropriate for the provided scenario and budget. Also considered will be accessories chosen; appearance of outfit on individual, and modeling ability.

Premiums are: 1st $50, 2nd $30, 3rd $20, and all other credible entries $10. 
Description should be written before contest begins. Description should include complete outfit listing including accessories and savings information.

Classes are as follows: (grade as of Jan 1, current yr.)

  1. Pre-4H Any Outfit Youth - 3rd grade and younger
  2. Athleisure
Sports Wear 4th - 5th grades
  3. Casual Wear 4th - 5th grades
  4. Best Wear 4th - 5th grades
  5. Athleisure Sports Wear 6th - 8th grades
  6. Casual Wear 6th - 8th grades
  7. Best Wear 6th - 8th grades
  8. Casual Wear 9th - 12th
  9. Snappy Casual Wear 9th - 12th
 10. Formal Wear 9th - 12th grades


To find more information about Classes and Scenarios, click the link below: