Lawn Mower Derby
Rules & Payout

- Saturday, September 21 -

For more information, contact:
Dale Kent 931-993-5885
Darrell Gray 931-993-9477

1st Place - 50% Cash Payback
2nd Place - 30% Cash Payback
3rd Place - 20% Cash Payback

$20 entry fee

*Must be 14 years old or older (14-17 year olds must have a signed parent waiver)

1. Mower must be a factory available lawnmower. No garden tractors. No homemade frames. Only front mounted motors are allowed on mowers. No rear mounted motors allowed.

2. Must be a factory lawn mower engine (Briggs & Stratton, Tecumseh, Onan, etc.)

3. Only belt driven mowers allowed.

4. Electric start mower is preferred. You must be able to start your mower from your seat. No lying across the hood of your mower to start it.

5. Battery and fuel tank cannot be in front of the motor. Both must be securely attached. Gas tanks must have a cap. Any mower leaking fuel or that is not safe will be disqualified.

6. You may run a hand throttle to the carb for wide open.

7. All plastic lights must be removed. Mower decks must be removed.

8. All mowers must have a factory hood and factory fenders. Plastic hoods may be replaced with metal hoods (factory appearance). Hoods must be secured by bolting, chaining shut or #9 wire.

9. All mowers must have leg and feet guards installed. These guards must be built to protect feet and legs. The outside of guards must be covered with sheet metal. They may be welded or bolted to rear fenders and front frame and footrest area. These guards must be built safe. Any mower with an unsafe leg guard or any guard that falls off during event will be disqualified or not allowed to participate.

10. A back seat bar is required. This is to protect the back of the seat and shoulder area. Horizontal bars at top seat and shoulder height required. This bar may be mounted to the rear fenders of the mower only.

11. Clean up your welds! We do not want any participants cut from nasty welds.

12. Frames must be stock. Frames may have repair welds. Frames may have added metal to attach bumpers.

13. Spark plug and carburetor protectors are allowed.

14. Exhaust must not extend out from mower hood area. No stacks! Always remember safety first and we don’t want anyone burned.

15. All mowers must use lawn mower type wheels. Rear wheels (rims) may not be any larger than 12 inches in diameter. Tractor treads, cut tires and ATV tires are permitted. Air in tires only. No dual wheels allowed. No wheel covers. Wheel weights are allowed. Tubes, slime, and other sealants are allowed. No foam filled tires allowed. You are allowed to glue or screw tires to rims.

16. Modification or replacement of the drive pulleys is allowed for your desired gearing but all mowers must be safe and participate at a safe speed. Official decision is final.

17. Transaxles must be factory available transaxles but reinforcing and/or welding of spider gears is allowed.

18. All bumpers (front and rear) must be safe! No pointed or jagged bumpers. Bumpers may not exceed 3 inches by 3 inches and no wider than inside of wheels and must not extend more than 3 inches beyond the tires.

19. Nothing may protect the tires in any way.

20. No grill guards on front of mower.

21. No kickers or braces from front bumper to leg guards.

22. Altered or reinforced steering not allowed.

23. All mowers must have number painted on side or back.

24. Mowers must have a roll over seat switch or boat style kill switch.

25. Roll over driver is out of heat. Also, if a driver touches the ground with a hand or a foot, driver is out of the heat.

26. For safety, if a mower rolls over, all drivers must stop and wait until that driver up rights his mower and gets off the track.

27. Helmets required. Long sleeve shirt or fire jacket and long pants required.

28. No hitting leg area of mowers.

29. Two minute time limit to restart mower and to get moving.

30. All other ground rules and event rules will be addressed in the driver meeting.

31. Official decisions are final.