Pick Your Tennessee Products and cook them into a prize winning dish!

Contest Open to Lincoln County Residents Only!
Total Premium - $300.00

Section 12: Categories

6. Appetizers
7. Salads
8. Casseroles
9. Main Dish
10. Healthy Choice

Location: Creative Living Building
Winners will be displayed at Creative Living Building

1. Each entry MUST contain 1 or more products produced in Tennessee.

2. Recipe must be submitted with each entry on day of competition.
    You may use your own recipe or choose one from

3. Must specify in which category your recipe is to be entered.

4. Must specify the Tennessee Products on recipe.

5. Entries accepted 8 - 10 am on the first Saturday of the Fair.

Premiums awarded in each category:
1st Place - $25.00
2nd Place - $20.00
3rd Place - $15.00

Don’t miss the Pick Tennessee Products Display located in the Darrell Hale Ag/4-H Building