Quarter Horse Racing
- Sunday, September 17th -

Quarter Horse Racing
Department 120
Sunday, September 17th • 1:30 p.m.

Superintendents - Jedidiah English, Leanne English Keller
Announcers - Jerry Mansfield, Bill Newman

Prize Money: 1st Place - $300.00 ; 2nd Place - $150.00; 3rd Place - $100.00

$2000 added Prize Money!

Quarter Horse Racing Rules

1. No residency requirement (except Lincoln County Residence Race)

2. Current negative Coggins papers must accompany all horses admitted to the fairgrounds.
Officials will be asking to see Coggins papers. If Coggins papers are not available for
inspection you will be required to remove your horse from the fairgrounds. You should
have your regular veterinarian draw blood for Coggins testing of your horse at least two
weeks before a scheduled event where you will need these papers. A Coggins report is
good for one year. Coggins must be original, no faxes.

3. Horses do not have to be registered in any registry.

4. Entry Fee of $20.00 per horse (entry) for each race that is entered. (One horse can enter
any or all races, but must pay an entry fee in each race entered). One (1) person/horse
will be admitted in gate free. No fee for parking.

5. Entries in all races must be made by 12:00 NOON DAY OF RACE. Lincoln County
Residence Race entries must be in Fair Office on day of race by 12:00 Noon. Anyone
else wanting to enter after 12:00 Noon will be charged a late entry fee of $25.00 and will be
assigned to last heat.

6. Lincoln County Residence Race will have a flag start and may be divided into heats
depending on number of entries. Prize money and entry fee will be same as other races.
Any horse in this race cannot run in any other race. This is a ¼ mile race.

7. Races will be run in heats with not more than five horses per heat when gate started.

8. First and second finishers in each heat will compete to determine the final placing for each
distance race.

9. A draw will be made by officials to determine heat and starting position for each entry. A
rider or family with more than one entry in a particular race can request to split his or their
entries into separate heats. A $10.00 fee will be charged for this request.

10. Two false starts by any one horse will be cause for disqualification.

11. Five minutes will be allowed between heats and ten minutes between
last heat and finals of each race. All entries not at starting position
within five minutes after finish of last heat will be disqualified.

12. Race order subject to change as determined by the officials depending on the number of
heats necessary to run each race. Decision of the officials will be final.

13. Prize money will be awarded to first, second, and third place finished in final races.

14. A ½ mile mule race will be run last. All mules will start together (flag) with same prize money as
above awarded the top three
(3) finishes.

15. A ½ mile pony race will be run with all ponies starting together with same prize money as
above awarded the top three (3) finishes. All ponies must measure 13.5 hands or less
and rider must be thirteen (13) years old and under.

16. All entries will be required to parade in front of the grandstand immediately before the heat or race
to be run .

17. A “Dinner Bell Derby” will be run (100 yard dash) for foals that were born in the current
year and are not yet weaned. In this race, foals will start approximately 100 yards from
the finish line with their mothers waiting at the finish line to greet them. Position in race
order for this dash (and if there will be heats and a final race or just a single race will
depend on the number of entries) will be announced at approximately 1:30 P.M. on race
day. All entry times, fees and prize money are the same as other races. A person to hold
the foal (for the start) and a person to hold the mare (at finish line) is required. Winner is first foal to nurse the correct mother.

18. Children under 13 years old will be requested, but not required, to wear helmets during races.

19. No riding whips or crops allowed.

20. Coggins must be original or photo copy with vet’s original signature.

Sponsored By: 

  • English Service Company
  • Fayetteville Animal Clinic
  • Tennessee Harness Horseman Association
  • Keller & Sons Farms and Electric