Spring Event Demolition Derby
Payouts & Rules

- Saturday, May 4 -

Limited Weld and Stock Derbies

Limited Weld will be a 1 and done. Stock will be heats and feature.

Limited weld
$1000 to win
Entry fee $50

$2000 to win
$1000 2nd
$500 3rd
$250 to win a heat.
Entry fee $50

- Any year model cars will be allowed. No Imperials, Imperial sub frames or hearses.

- ALL 80s and newer car will be allowed to tilt or cold bend in one location only. Cut, tilt and weld back. No added metal. All 80s and newer cars will be allowed 22” x 6” x ¼” hump plates. Strait or contoured ok

- 03up Fords, Lincoln, and Mercury must utilize factory aluminum cradle and oem rack and pinion steering. Steel bolt over factory alum cradles allowed and cant be welded to frame anywhere. Please have cradle preapproved if in question at all.

- 98up Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury may use Watts conversion brackets.

- Old Iron are not allowed to tilt or cold bend. 12” x 6” x 1/4” thick hump plates allowed

- Body creasing is allowed. Rear quarters must stay standing.

- Trunk must have 10” hole for inspection purposes. Hood must be open during inspection and have 10” hole over engine for fire safety.

- Firewall can be cut for clearance. You can remove but can’t add.

- (2) 3” wide max steel plates or chains can be welded from roof to firewall for driver safety. 6” exposure max on roof and firewall.

- Drivers door can be welded solid and/or have 1/8” door skin for safety. Your allowed 6” on and 6” off on doors and trunk. 3” wide x 1/8” max

- Hood can be secured with 6 points total. Core support body mounts 1” max and additional (4) 5/8”max. 2”x2” angle 2”long with single bolt can be used to secure hood.

- Trunk can be welded 6” on and 6” off with 3” wide x 1/8” max strap. (2) of the body bolts may extend through trunk lid. 36” max length

- Back window bar 3” max diameter. 6” mounting plate and must attach within 4” of where speaker deck and trunk lid meet.

- Expanded metal or 1/8” steel radiator guard 32” wide max can be welded 6” on 6” off OR bolted to core support.

- Do not move core support.

- No body seams may be welded other than what is stated in the rules.

- Fenders may be bolted together using 5- 3/8 bolts per fender.

- 5 spots of double stranded #9 wire may be used from hood to front bumper and also 5 spots from trunk lid to rear bumper.

- No Spray foam allowed

- Bumpers may be homemade but point must be equivalent to Chrysler Pointy or less.

- Bumpers can be welded straight to frame. No welding more than 6” from back of bumper.

- Factory bumper bracket can be used but no welding on frame more than 6” from back of bumper.

- (2) 3”x6” x1/4” plates can be used per frame rail in front and same for rear to assist in mounting bumper IF no bumper shocks are used. You can’t have bumper shocks and 3x6 plates. No welding of plates or bumper shocks more than 6” from back of bumper.

- Max shortening of front frame is to the front side of factory core support mount. Do not move nor alter the factory core support mount in any way. No shortening of rear frame.

- No other welding on frame other than what is listed in rules. Any illegal alterations to frame will result in disqualification.

- No frame shaping.

- Factory crossmembers or 2x2 tubing. 3x3 angle 6” long may be used to mount crossmember.

- No painted frames. If frame is painted, you will not be allowed to run.

- ALL CARS FRESH OR PRE RAN will be allowed (4)- 4x4 x 1/4” plates. Plates can’t be used as driveline kicker or frame pin. Plates can be bent. Plates can’t be cut in half and used in multiple spots. If ANY car fresh or pre ran comes through inspection with more than 4 plates, there is no option to cut and you will forfeit entry fee and be loaded.

- Sway bars can be used but must not have contact with pulley protector at any time. Sway bars must bolt on and use factory style frame mount.

- Lower cradle only on engine, front plate on cradle is ok. Steel bell and steel tail are ok but nothing can connect bell to trans other than pump bolts.

- No transmission braces, Mid Plates or Distributor protectors allowed.

- Header, carb and pulley protectors allowed but must not brace car in any way. Carb protector must not go past center line of carb.

- Header, carb, and pulley protector rules are simply in place to protect your investment/engine. Do not abuse these rules.

- Slider shafts are allowed.

- Motor swaps allowed. Ex. Chevy motor in Ford or Chrysler.

- Any rear end. Rear end bracing must not strengthen car in anyway.

- Aftermarket lower engine mounts are ok, but no chains allowed on engine. If using factory lower engine mounts, one 5/16” chain per side may be used to secure engine. 2 links max welded to frame.

- Core support can have up to 2 threaded rods 1” max diameter and can extend through hood. This may not be sleeved with tubing. This will count as 2 of the 6 hood attachment points. Other attachment points 5/8” max.

- Core support spacer 8” max. Can weld to frame OR core support, not both.

- Trunk can have up to 2 threaded rods 5/8” max diameter from trunk lid to frame, must have 1” gap between body and frame. This will count as 2 of your 6 total trunk mounts. Other attachment points 5/8” max

- Body mounts can be changed to 5/8” max bolt. Bottom washer must be up inside frame 3” max washer. No added body mounts.

- Must have 1” gap between frame and body. Steel spacer or hockey pucks allowed. Steel spacers may not be welded to frame.

- Front suspension may be welded solid using (2)2x3 x1/4” plates per upper a-arm.

- No solid rear suspension, must have movement. No all thread shocks.

- Coil spring cars can use #9 wire or chain from rear humps to rear axle, 2 links max welded on frame.

- Watts Conversion brackets allowed. Factory rear trailing arms can be strengthened or steel tubing may be allowed.

- Factory leaf spring cars must use factory oem leaf packs and get 4 added spring clamp per leaf pack.

- No leaf spring conversion.

- Aftermarket Ball joints and Tie rods are ok. No Heims.

- No bead locks or wheels with tire sidewall protector.

- A-arm swaps are ok.

- No aftermarket spindles. Gm factory lift spindles are ok.

- Aftermarket shifter, gas pedal, brake pedal, steering column, and transmission cooler allowed but must not strengthen car in anyway.

- 4-point cage allowed, welded to body only. 6” max tubing. Cage must be 6” from floor, transmission tunnel, and firewall. Side bars can’t extend more than 6” past front door seams and can’t be welded to rear humps.

- 4 down tubes from side bars to BODY ONLY are allowed and must be in area between dash bar and back seat bar.

- Rollover bar allowed with max three attachment points to roof. Must be vertical, attached to side cage bar and not body or frame. Rollover bar must be within 6” of drivers seat.

- Gas tank protector max 24” wide. Can be against package tray and bolted in 2 spots max

- Gas tank and battery must be relocated to driver compartment.

For the May show only we are allowing 2 - 4x4 patch plates for rerun cars. Must see a bend.
1980 and newer stock automobiles. NO hearses

• Engine, transmission and rear end must match the make of the car (Ford to Ford) (GM to GM)

• 5 lug rear ends only. No bracing. No aftermarket axles. No welding other than spider gears to make positive traction

• You may run aftermarket shifter, gas pedal and brake pedal as long as it doesn’t not strengthen the car. No slider drive shafts.

• All suspension must stay factory to that make/model. IE: no A Arm swaps, and no watts conversion. Balljoints and tie rods must be factory.

• Fuel tank and battery must be moved inside car body. You may cut the firewall out for clearance issues but don’t remove transmission tunnel.

• At minimum, a back seat bar, extending from driver to passenger side of car Is mandatory! Although you can have a 4 point cage, door bars are to be no bigger than 2x6 tubing and only 60” long. Cage should be 6 inches off of any floor pan, firewall or trans tunnel. Roll over bar allowed, connected to cage bars only. No drop legs off cage.Floating Gas tank mount, if used, must be 4 inches from package tray sheet metal.

• Any year factory bumpers are allowed. No fabricated or loaded bumpers. No adding metal or welding on bumpers other than mounting to car. Bumpers can be welded on but must use factory mounting plate. Oem bumper shocks in factory orientation only.

• Doors may be chained or wired in 3 locations per vertical seam. Chain or wire cant go around frame.

• No bead locks or solid tires. All other wheel and tire combos are ok.

• You must have a 12x12 hole cut in the hood. 4 bolts allowed at hood cut out hole.

• Cars must have freely moving suspension in front and rear.

• You can cut as much as you want on the body of the car, just cant add back. No added bolts allowed in fenders.

• The two body bolts at core support can be changed out with 1/2” bolts. Nut and bolt only, no welding. Factory bushing must remain. 3” max washer size. This is used to bolt core support to frame only, not to be mistaken for threaded rod that protrudes through hood. No other body bolts should be touched!!

• No patch plates for pre ran or fresh cars.

• Hood can be fastened in 6 spots, with chain, wire or with single 3/8 bolts through sheet metal only. Trunk can be fastened in 4 spots with same options as hood.

• Engine cradles not allowed, factory motor mounts only. One chain per side can be used to help secure engine.

• Stock transmission, stock mount and stock cross member.

• Front windshield bar car be added for driver safety. No back window bar.

• No tilting, pitching, or cold bending allowed on frame.

• No wire, chain or anything around the frame or body or through the frame or body.

• No creasing or pre bending of any body panels. Hood and trunk must be open during inspection

• No welding on anything besides cage and bumper mounting.

For more info contact Chad Cowley (931) 703-6623