Stock Demolition Derby
Payouts & Rules

- Wednesday, September 20 -

Lincoln County Fair Tennessee Stock Demolition Derby
Wednesday Night, September 20, 2023

1st - $2000
2nd - $1000
$350 to win each heat (taking two for each heat)
Do not over build you will be loaded

$50 entry fee

• 1980 and newer stock automobiles. NO hearses
• Engine, transmission and rear end must match the make of the car (Ford to Ford) (GM to GM)
• 5 lug rear ends only. No bracing. No aftermarket axles. No welding other than spider gears to make positive traction
• No aftermarket transmission coolers.
• You may run aftermarket shifter, gas pedal and brake pedal as long as it doesn’t not strengthen the car. No slider drive shafts.
• All suspension must stay factory to that make/model. IE: no A Arm swaps, and no watts conversion. Balljoints and tie rods must be factory.
• Fuel tank and battery must be moved inside car body. You may cut the firewall out for clearance issues but don’t remove transmission tunnel.
• At minimum, a back seat bar, extending from driver to passenger side of car Is mandatory! Although you can have a 4 point cage, door bars are to be no bigger than 2x6 tubing and only 60” long. Cage should be 6 inches off of any floor pan, firewall or trans tunnel. Roll over bar allowed, connected to cage bars only. No drop legs off cage. Floating Gas tank mount, if used, must be 4 inches from package tray sheet metal.
• Any year factory bumpers are allowed. No fabricated or loaded bumpers. No adding metal or welding on bumpers other than mounting to car. Bumpers can be welded on but must use factory mounting plate. Oem bumper shocks in factory orientation only.
• Doors may be chained or wired in 3 locations per vertical seam. Chain or wire cant go around frame.
• No bead locks or solid tires. All other wheel and tire combos are ok.
• You must have a 12x12 hole cut in the hood. 4 bolts allowed at hood cut out hole.
• Cars must have freely moving suspension in front and rear.
• You can cut as much as you want on the body of the car, just cant add back. No added bolts allowed in fenders.
• The two body bolts at core support can be changed out with 1/2” bolts. Nut and bolt only, no welding. Factory bushing must remain. 3” max washer size. This is used to bolt core support to frame only, not to be mistaken for threaded rod that protrudes through hood. No other body bolts should be touched!!
• No patch plates for pre ran or fresh cars.
• Hood can be fastened in 6 spots, with chain, wire or with single 3/8 bolts through sheet metal only. Trunk can be fastened in 4 spots with same options as hood.
• Engine cradles not allowed, factory motor mounts only. One chain per side can be used to help secure engine.
• Stock transmission, stock mount and stock cross member.
• Front windshield bar car be added for driver safety. No back window bar.
• No tilting, pitching, or cold bending allowed on frame.
• No wire, chain or anything around the frame or body or through the frame or body.
• No creasing or pre-bending of any body panels. Hood and trunk must be open during inspection
• No welding on anything besides cage and bumper mounting

Contact Chad Cowley (931) 703-6623 or Ryan Locker (931) 638-6735